Weather & Temperatures Permitting. We may open later, close earlier or not open at all based on the above. Please Call Ahead


Tuesday through Friday:
8:00 AM - SUNSET

Saturday & Sunday: 
7:00 AM - SUNSET

We sell our last basket of
balls a half hour before Sunset.

Hours are seasonal. We add to our hours each month from March through May and shorten them from September to December. Please check this site for updates.

In January and February we are mostly closed, but may open for a nice day. Please call ahead at 203-245-1139.

Ryan Quinn, PGA, is head instructor at Kleins' Golf Range. Ryan provides a program of golf instruction for individuals and groups that includes sessions at the range and on-course outings. Please contact Ryan at: (860) 575-1720, or email him at

Find Ryan on the web at:

The Shoreline Golf Society:

Founded at Kleins' Golf Range by a group of customers in 1999, the Society is a golf club without a home course that is officially recognized by the Connecticut State Golf Association.

The club sponsors outings for its members to golf courses throughout Connecticut. Through the club, members can post scores to the State Golf Association and receive a golf handicap.

To learn more about The Shoreline Golf Society and to join, please look it up at: